The Precipice

I can see the bluffs in my mind’s eye; the ones near my home.  They are slowly receding.  The waves below crash onto the rocks, eroding the soil from the … Continue Reading →

9. captain lucas

Four years and fifty-nine countries

It’s surreal to think in 2008, as a fresh-faced 21 year-old, I embarked on my first real long-term trip to Southeast Asia, hoping to travel for six months. Four years and fifty-nine countries later and now I’m returning home for the foreseeable future. Continue Reading →

16. vienna

The River

My river’s overflowing now. It’s breaking levies. It’s flooding all the basements of the neighbourhood. Life is good. Das Leben ist schön. My heart aches a little while thinking of the staggering beauty of this world—the grace of perfect strangers, the hospitality of old friends and new and the quiet tenderness of a new lover. Hitch-hiking and couchsurfing has reaffirmed my hope in humanity. We are all good; we just need an opportunity to let it shine. So, let it shine. Continue Reading →