5. behind the falls

The land of ice and fire

My lips were cracked and my eyes were itchy from the frigid arctic winds blowing across the lunar landscape of Northeastern Iceland. “Where the fuck are we?” I repeatedly muttered under my breath as I ran on the spot and did jumping jacks to warm myself against the biting cold. Continue Reading →

9. captain lucas

Four years and fifty-nine countries

It’s surreal to think in 2008, as a fresh-faced 21 year-old, I embarked on my first real long-term trip to Southeast Asia, hoping to travel for six months. Four years and fifty-nine countries later and now I’m returning home for the foreseeable future. Continue Reading →



  I finally finished this behemoth of a video project just in time.  I’m leaving in 3 days to travel  from South Korea to India overland.   I’ll probably be … Continue Reading →


Iceland is like no place I’ve been before.   The isolation is palpable.   You feel it in the cold wind, see it in the enormity of the sky—it’s like the ends … Continue Reading →