Cyclists behaving badly

Cyclists behaving badly

My latest animation is spreading far and wide! Continue Reading →

Why the Dutch ride bikes

  I just completed this infographic animation a few days ago and it’s really picking up steam and people are watching it from around the world.  I’m hearing a lot … Continue Reading →

Magic hour in the park

Little wonders

About a month ago on a wintry morning, I was riding to work along with tens of thousands of other busy cyclists. I was part of the great surge of … Continue Reading →


The Precipice

I can see the bluffs in my mind’s eye; the ones near my home.  They are slowly receding.  The waves below crash onto the rocks, eroding the soil from the … Continue Reading →

6. pinchy


I’ve been putting off this post for a while. Maybe if I didn’t write it, I wouldn’t yet be settling down. Maybe I needed a few weeks to let the facts sink in. I needed the momentum to come to a stop. Wait for the pendulum to be still. It took me much longer to find the words, grasp the abstract ideas floating through my mind. Whatever the reason, today the last pieces fell together. Continue Reading →

5. behind the falls

The land of ice and fire

My lips were cracked and my eyes were itchy from the frigid arctic winds blowing across the lunar landscape of Northeastern Iceland. “Where the fuck are we?” I repeatedly muttered under my breath as I ran on the spot and did jumping jacks to warm myself against the biting cold. Continue Reading →

9. captain lucas

Four years and fifty-nine countries

It’s surreal to think in 2008, as a fresh-faced 21 year-old, I embarked on my first real long-term trip to Southeast Asia, hoping to travel for six months. Four years and fifty-nine countries later and now I’m returning home for the foreseeable future. Continue Reading →

16. vienna

The River

My river’s overflowing now. It’s breaking levies. It’s flooding all the basements of the neighbourhood. Life is good. Das Leben ist schön. My heart aches a little while thinking of the staggering beauty of this world—the grace of perfect strangers, the hospitality of old friends and new and the quiet tenderness of a new lover. Hitch-hiking and couchsurfing has reaffirmed my hope in humanity. We are all good; we just need an opportunity to let it shine. So, let it shine. Continue Reading →

4. Bullet holes


They are seeking beauty and knowledge, the eternal spark that unites all humanity or to examine the ugliness that continually divides us. They are philanthropic observers and devout practitioners of some unnamed faith—restless people of every age, creed and culture who are unhappy with la vie médiocre.
I am a proud citizen of this anti-nation. Although we converse in many languages, Continue Reading →

18. detour river valley

Dive Bars and Bullet-holes

It was 5:45 AM and I was watching the sunrise over the abandoned business sector of downtown Dubai. In the distance stood the world’s most luxurious hotel, the Burj Al Arab, and further in the distance rose the sharp fang of the world’s tallest skyscraper. I watched the indigo clouds roll in from the desert and gingerly drank the Jack and coke in my hand. The people around me, my gracious hosts, discussed their favourites in world cinema and argued over who would be in control of the music next. I smiled to myself, thinking about the strange series of events which had brought me to this place. I had been awake for nearly 36 hours and my brain was buzzing, struggling to absorb everything which was taking place. Continue Reading →

20. tamil festival dusk

Siren Song

Once I’d found a place to sit each night after a long day of fighting crashing surf, I’d feel the warm afterglow of sun on my skin and I’d eat a great heaping mound of spicy vegetables and rice. I’d hunker down into quiet contemplation as my arms, shoulders and back muscles moaned and the sound of surf in the distance beckoned for my return. Surf me, it said, like a siren song trying to lure my ship ever closer to the reef submerged just below the shifting surface of the sea. Continue Reading →

2. mongla by night


“Sri Lanka is the warm embrace of an old friend. How else can I better explain the strange sense of déjà vu I felt on first arrival? Had I been here before? As soon as I stepped into the familiar warm air of afternoon, I felt comfortable, perfectly content…” Continue Reading →



There are many extremes at play here in Bangladesh.  A trembling tension is in the air.  People seem earnest about some unknown future creeping ever closer.  Many of the people … Continue Reading →


“It is a great and terrible world”

“All India is full of holy men stammering gospels in strange tongues; shaken and consumed in the fires of their own zeal; dreamers, babblers, and visionaries: as it has been from the beginning and will continue to the end” (p.32). Continue Reading →


You can call me Johannes

I spent a week exploring the dusty world of Rajastan, wandering through ancient forts, cobble-stoned streets and along the banks of timeless bathing spots. Continue Reading →



“With each passing moment, a new kite fluttered its way higher into the sky, brought to life with the flapping of insect-like motions, orchestrated by the poised fingers of the early-risers of my neighbourhood. By time the sun rays had cut through the dust, thousands of kites hovered in every remote corner of the skyline and cheers of success were howled from the rooftops…” Continue Reading →



This took me long enough.  My little laptop has real difficulty processing HD.  But it’s finished.  I’ve got another on the way.  It’ll be posted later this week.


A Walk in the Park

These are my thoughts on my four days spent in Bardia National Park, one of the last refuges in South Asia for Bengal tigers, Asiatic elephants and Indian rhinos. It was a harrowing experience to say the least. Continue Reading →


Second Impression

Who ever said that second impressions aren’t important? Continue Reading →


Enter India

Lucas’ thoughts on first entering to India. Continue Reading →