Little wonders

About a month ago on a wintry morning, I was riding to work along with tens of thousands of other busy cyclists. I was part of the great surge of half-sleeping commuters, carried by habit and the metronome of my creaking pedals. I reach Amstel Bridge, the same bridge I cross at least once each day, and I awoke from my dream state to notice the still surface of the Amstel River. An undulating blanket of mist rose from the river’s surface and a ceiling of low-lying clouds above framed a sunrise peaking above the horizon. I stopped on the sidewalk as all the cyclists continued on their commute and I enjoyed the view for many minutes on my own. I considered taking a picture with my phone, but then I decided some little wonders are better kept to oneself.

I find a lot solace in these moments probably more now than ever. Moving to Amsterdam has proven to be a far greater challenge than I imagined it would be. I’ve learned some tough lessons in these past seven months. Despite the demands of getting established in this city, I’m glad I still find time for these ephemeral moments. They are a breath of fresh air. And after the moments pass, I often reminisce about the people and reasons that led me to this junction in time. Even if I’m not precisely where I imagined I would be, I’m still happy with the choices I made. I am living in Europe and travelling the route I planned for myself. I had a rough landing, but not everything works out. Not everything goes well. Get over it and readjust your sails.

Here are some pictures from my trip to Berlin and Christmas in Paris.  And below is a video I took yesterday outside of my window…another little wonder.