Second Impression

I’ve got to admit it; India’s really starting to grow on me.  To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t too convinced at first.  Maybe it was just a rough start in account of my food-poisoning and the forty-plus hours of train travel, but now that I’m settled and working, I’m really starting to fall for India’s charm.  I love the range of flavours in the food.  I love waking up to pigeon’s cooing outside of my windows and morning Islamic prayers moaning in the distance.  I love the way each person wobbles their head as an answer to nearly every question.   I love the kids flying kites in the late afternoon and their cheers of joy when they cut the line of an opponent’s kite.  I love the dogs who sleep on top of parked cars or perform great feats of acrobatics to climb atop 8-foot walls, like silent ninja assassins.  I love the lazy languor basking in the sun, fluttering their eyebrows as they itch their protruding paunches.   I love the peeling paint, the crumbling plaster and the coat of black moss which blankets every structure.   I love shuttling around town in a rickshaw wondering how there are not more car accidents on roads with no traffic lights, stop signs, speed limits, crosswalks or general rules of road safety.   These will be my memories of Ahmedabad; the sensations I’ll try to store away.  This is home for the next month.

I’m working as a videographer/animator for a company called Sarvajal.  I’ll save details of the company for another time.  Instead I’ll mention some people.  I work with a big team of dedicated, intelligent and creative people.  Prachi has been a godsend.  She’s really gone above and beyond to show me the ropes and make me feel welcome.  I live with three guys, Ankit, Bala and Vijay.  They are all a little crazy in their own idiosyncratic ways.    They’ve made me feel right at home;  They are really accommodating, especially Vijay, who took me out for New Years and drove me all around town to try new foods, look at sights and shop for some little necessities.   Christmas wasn’t very festive, but nonetheless, it was as good as could be expected.   At least I didn’t need to hear overplayed Christmas carols.  I went to a buffet at the Marriot with Prachi, Sameer, Ankit,  and I ate my weight in cheese and olives, watched a bollywood film and then watched some TED talks.    It was a little lonely still and I did feel a world away from home.  I guess I’m allowed those moments of sombre introspection from time to time.  It think it’s healthy.

At work I spend all day on my laptop so my inspiration to write and edit photos after office hours is pretty minimal, but I will take more time to update my people on my whereabouts.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season and hopefully I’ll be around next year to make up for a few years absence.   I still owe some Nepalese stories, but I’ll save those for a better time.